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What to do in a prolonged relapse

Hey guys, today’s question is from Tess.    “Toby I would like to know your advice you have when I’m in a prolonged CFS relapse.  Do […]

How to lose weight when dealing with a chronic illness..

How to lose weight when dealing with a chronic illness.. Hey Guys, Toby Morrison here. Today’s question and answer is from Debbie. Debbie writes: “Hi, I […]

Need VS Want: Striking the balance with M.E/CFS Recovery

I recently caught myself reflecting on a rather large decision “Hmm, another one based on what I need rather than what I want in this moment” […]

You are not crazy and you are not alone!

You are not crazy and you are not alone! If you are are struggling with M.E/CFS , Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you might feel like […]

Single mother of two gets her life back after battle with Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sharon’s great recovery story! Background:- In 2010 I felt I needed more physical challenges in my life as I have always loved sport and physical activities […]

5 characteristic of high quality food

5 characteristic of high quality food Many people (like my former self) obsess about finding the perfect diet.  The one that will leave them healthy, energised […]

3 Reasons To Avoid Caffeine During Your CFS Recovery

3 Reasons to avoid caffeine during your CFS recovery I know. That is the most dreadful title. No one wants to think about coffee having the potential […]

How To Stop Feeling Trapped By Fear (+ 3 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotage)

How To Stop Feeling Trapped By Fear (+ 3 Ways To Stop Self-Sabotage) If you ever feel trapped in the cycle of fear.. This short 10minute […]

10 Ways To Improve From Glandular Fever

10 Ways How to Best Deal with Glandular fever/Mono/Epstein Barr Virus & Post Viral Fatigue. 1. Rest & Relax – Because your body is in a […]


MUCH BETTER BAD DAYS By Susan Mackenzie Originally published on I want to tell you about my bad days. Why? Because the bad days I have […]

The Importance Of Belief During Recovery

The Importance of Belief During Recovery Now before you shoot me in the foot… I will clear up some misperceptions. First of all, CFS or any […]

Why Setting Boundaries Can Save Your Life.

As I collapsed it felt like I was about to die.. It wasn’t until the week after I collapsed that I found out I’d had a […]

Why you should stop trying so hard to get better.

5 things you need to know if you are trying so hard to recover. “When you keep adding more tasks to the already stressful to do […]

It’s okay to ask for help.

Soldier on… ‘I am not okay’ What I’ve learnt recently, because of CFS I built a wall, and that’s the ‘I’m fine’ wall, How are you […]

Listening to your body for recovery from M.E/CFS

Today I am going to remind you of a little system that can help to prevent some of the pushing and crashing; it ties in with […]

The puzzle for M.E/CFS recovery

Write your own story For a very, very long time I told myself I couldn’t get better, CFS recovery was a story, like a fairy tale, […]

M.E/CFS is like running a marathon race.

CFS is like running a marathon and right now your body probably feels like it has just ran one. Basically, a lot of changes happen within […]

10 reasons why you should meditate.

We all know people think CFS is a relatively easy illness, you’re only tired right? But only those who have been through it, really know the […]

How to avoid setbacks with M.E/CFS

Set backs are as common as sliced bread when it comes to dealing with a chronic illness like M.E/CFS. This problem is like one step forwards […]

What doctors really need to know about M.E/CFS

As someone who works with both doctors and CFS patients, there is a big miscommunication between the understanding of what is actually happening to patients and […]
Inspiration to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Recovery

11 Tools to help with recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the most complex illnesses’ out there. With no known […]

Living with an invisible illness

Greatest Pains Lead to Greatest Strengths For years I just wanted to be woken up from a nightmare.  I went from being an extremely active and […]

From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Fitness fanatic.

Today I leg pressed 193 kg (not bad for someone who weighs about 58kg’s) And it got me thinking.. 91 weeks ago I had one of […]
CFS Recovery Motavation


I recently received an email from a girl who was in an obvious state of panic. The frantic email was something I see most weeks. It […]

M.E/CFS not a lazy syndrome

M.E/CFS is not a lazy syndrome. For a long time there has been a misconception that M.E/CFS is a lazy syndrome. In the late 80s/90’s M.E/CFS […]

M.E/CFS Tired VS Normal tired.

Do you know what CFS teaches us? And what it can do to us? CFS teaches you to be afraid of fatigue, to dread being tired, […]


REAL STRENGTH! Most people talk about strength in a physical term, however there is a more profound strength in life that goes beyond physical measures. This […]

5 most common symptoms with M.E/CFS & Fibromyaglia.

One of the problems with M.E/CFS and FM is that there seems to be no common ground regarding which symptoms are normal with this illness. Everyday […]

Recovery is possible!

    RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE – The photo you see here is of 3 fit healthy happy looking individuals. Back track 5-10 years ago. That wasn’t […]

How to overcome back and muscular pain whilst suffering with Chronic Illness.

Back and muscular pain is growing at an alarming rate, especially those suffering with chronic illness such as M.E/CFS and Fibromyalgia. So much so that in […]

4 simple ways to reduce anxiety

ANXIETY ATTACK… It does get better Hi I’m the devil inside your brain that warps your thoughts, make you judge yourself, compare yourself and ultimately stress […]

10 ways to avoid setbacks and flare ups with M.E/CFS & Fibromyalgia

If you are suffering from a chronic illness like M.E/CFS, Chronic fatigue syndrome or Fibromyaglia you have probably dealt with your fair share of setbacks and […]

6 things you should NEVER ever say to someone suffering with a Chronic Illness

6 things NOT to say to someone suffering with a Chronic illness…… Or else!!!!!!! As a Ex – chronic Illness sufferer there were a few things […]


6 ways to STOP YOUR PITY PARTY We all have them from time to time. You know… you feel sorry for yourself, you ask questions like […]

Three reasons why you should keep a journal

You can never be too cool to write a journal, to be in touch with your emotions and to express how you really feel. Girls seem […]
Goal setting for CFS recovery


GOALS and PURPOSE   We all have goals. Whether they are written down on a piece of paper or merely an idea in our heads.We think […]
how to stop a Bad day with chronic fatigue syndrome

Sleep and Sleeping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Sleep and Sleeping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   What is sleep and why do we need it? Sleep is the term used to describe the bodies […]