Goal setting for CFS recovery



We all have goals. Whether they are written down on a piece of paper or merely an idea in our heads.We think about our goals, discuss them, write about them, and enjoy the idea of attaining them. But in reality, we don’t seem to do much about them. Why is this? Is it all too hard? Are we setting the bar too high or do we just not want it badly enough?
Sure there are few reasons why we don’t reach our goals. However the number one reason we loose motivation and drive for achieving our goals is because we forget the PURPOSE behind our goals! Purpose, meaning an emotional driver or reason to achieve your goal.
Far too often we only think about how good it will feel to achieve our goals before we even think about why we are setting those goals in the first place. Once you figure out the reason behind WHY you want to achieve your goal, you will naturally find the purpose and drive which is essential for turning that dream into a reality.
We want to be successful, but what the hell does that mean? Really it is just a bunch of letters that make up a word. What does success actually mean to you? If you come to understand the meaning behind your goals you will have the purpose and intrinsic motivation to pursue whatever it is you want to achieve. Find out the WHY and WHAT first, and then the HOW will naturally follow.
Toby Morrison
Toby Morrison
At age 16 Toby was diagnosed with CFS. According to Dr Lionel Lubitz (head doctor at the Royal Childrens Hospital), Toby’s case of CFS was “the worst he’d ever seen”. Initially spending 4 weeks at the inpatient hospital program, Toby’s journey back to health was long and difficult, but he found a way and now dedicates his life to helping others achieve the same. Toby is the founder of the CFS Health Centre in Melbourne and has released a book on CFS