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  • I never thought less is more would ever work but it’ was the key that I was missing I’ve done so much over the last 8 weeks , I’m racing my car again haven’t done that for 2 years …I’m cooking again , I was lucky to cook once a week now I’m baking as well as cooking, I’ve met up with friends I haven’t seen for over a year … I got my motorbike learners …. And working full time again I have little flare ups but no were as bad as b4 ….
  • Having just finished the CFS online program. I now genuinely want to get out of bed and enjoy life again! Toby the program is so simple in essence but amazingly effective and has helped me turn my life around! I'm working full time, looking to start studying again and back on track to get that black belt in taekwondo! Life is fantastic thanks to this program!!
  • The amazing thing about Toby's program is being able to gain specific recovery gems from his own experience and insights in overcoming CFS ~ and his incredible power of motivation and inspiration. He becomes your coach (think of your own personal Jiminy Cricket!) You don't feel alone in this battle anymore. Someone else has gone before, who understands, and has overcome, and he's giving you the exit plan. It's really powerful stuff. If you have CFS, don't miss it. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones
  • I love the course but as Toby says it's not miracle cure but with hard work and determination you'll feel better. You'll have your ups and downs but at least you'll move forward. Some may take longer than 8 weeks to get on top of it but at least you have the skills to deal with it. The best thing is the support you get from toby and also the other participants and knowing your not alone.
  • Here you go ... My favourite aspect of this program is that it has a week by week structure so that we can take recovery one step at a time rather than being overwhelmed with information and making ourselves even sicker by trying to do everything at once.
  • I live in the UK and I live in an area which gives you very little help with CFS, I became very down and really didn't know where to turn! I came across Toby and his program purely by accident but I believe it came to me at the right time, a time in my life where I wanted to get well, better than I have ever been before! I'm really enjoying the program so far, it's giving me all the tools and information that I need to get better! It's a long, slow, process, it won't be easy at times but you won't be going through it alone as you have Toby and the support forum...
  • It's great to read how well some of us are doing! I'm better in sooo many ways already...lots of little things that really add up to a big deal for me and I have no doubt that it's down to Toby's program, his inspiration and following his advice. Thank you Toby x  
  • Matt Carter23 years old from sydney, Id just like to say i'm writing this at possibly the lowest level of energy during my recovery with chronic fatigue syndrome but thanks too the program Im at the highest level clarity towards my mindset too recovery, health, staying positive and my life goals. even before i was sick.
  • Sam and Grace Hi, Toby has asked me to share our story, so here goes. This is a pic of 2 of my 5 kids. Samual and Grace, both getting ready for school this morning, happy and excited by life as all kids should be right? They both have CFS and this is a picture just 6 months ago I only dreamed of taking of the both of them...
  • Brendan Hill was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was struggling to recover until he found Toby and the CFS Health Centre.
  • Alison and Matthew Cutts speak about how blown away they were by Toby and his CFS Recovery Program.
  • Claire shares her personal experience of being a parent of a child with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the positive outcomes her daughter has had since being in treatment with Toby Morrison of the CFS Health Centre in Melbourne.
  • Hi Toby here is my foreword: Toby Morrison is an enthusiastic,fit and healthy young man. He wasn't always like this. When he was 16 he developed severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS). His symptoms although quite typical were so severe that I investigated him for many other conditions that I felt could be causing such severe debility. He had CFS and was very sick with it...
  • Lynne DicksonAm from Inverness in Scotland. Have had M.E./CFS since I was 17 so had it 25 years now. Was bed-ridden like many for 7 months & had to learn to walk again & was unable to work for 3 years. Been working full-time for 22 years (but with the odd relapse) but been struggling at times. Saw this page on Facebook & decided to like it.
    Lynne Dickson
  • Aim to please Toby Morrison - Health and I am one that thrives on humour...... thanks for prompt reply, has profound effect to be acknowledged for feed back, when we haven't been heard for so long.. good to read other replies.. Weird that we have this illness, yet feel good to be a part of something like this to help others...
    Patty Amarantidis
  • Patty AmarantidisSouth Australia. I started to suffer ME-cfs from my early 20's. Continued on to my 30's and now I am in my early 40's.. Just like so many of you, it has been a very difficult road. No real answers from doctors, lots of visits to naturapaths, homoepaths, expensive supplements from pyramid companies.
    Patty Amarantidis
  • LindaNSW, Australia. Over the last 7 or so years, I have tried numerous treatments for FM/CFS, from prescription medication, to acupuncture. While I had made some improvement to my health through the more holistic/supplement approach, I still was not getting the results I desired, nor did I have the support that I needed.
    Linda Huntington
  • Janine VallenceMelbourne, Australia. My son has suffered from CFS for 4 years and we had been knocking on doctors offices for a while, appointment after appointment with nobody willing to diagnose or help him. We found Toby online one day and even though he had no free appointments at the time he agreed to see him.
    Janine Vallence
  • Catherine ArmstrongI'm in Chester, England! My daughter Jenny has CFS and is on Toby's programme. To find Toby was a blessing! She is making slow, but steady progress, which is the best way to beat CFS. So-called 'treatment' here in the UK is dire, to say the least. Having someone like Toby, who has been through it, come out the other side and is now so healthy, is the best way to go.

Catherine Armstrong
  • Michelle OversMy 15 year old son has been seeing Toby and Ash for 10 months and we can't thank them enough for the help and support they have provided. My son continues to improve, following Toby's plan. He has his ups and downs, but the support and positiveness of Toby keeps him, and our extended family, hopeful, positive and on a steadily improving path to good health.
    Michelle Overs
  • Jane KeyI'm from Sydney, Australia and just a FB friend ! "Paying it forward" is the best way I can describe Toby's work and passion for those of us struggling to heal from CFS. Toby inspires, encourages and passes on his lived experience and recovery from this insidious disease. Whilst an illness such as CFS can be so hard to manage Toby teaches us to never ever give up but to press forward, to hold onto hope and to heal.
    Jane Key
  • Andrew WilsonI'm in Nashville USA. Had CFS for 3 years. I'll keep it simple and say, Toby's story was so strikingly similar to mine, it's hard to find young guys who have struggled with this sometimes. His story and attitude of positivity has given me hope. He's helped me in my journey into hope & positivity, possibly the biggest factor in helping my slow improvement.
    Andrew Wilson
  • Nikita  ThirdFrom Central Coast, Australia. The online program is a great, step-by-step process to return us to good health and remind us what we live for. It is hard, as everything is when you have CFS, but worth it. The program requires commitment, or rather, shows us that we need to be committed to ourselves for he program to work, but Toby offers undying support and there are always others in the program we can connect with to share our set-backs and offer/receive support...
    Nikita Third
  • Tracy Watling...hope all goes well for your husband. From our experience I have every faith that the Toby's programme will have a positive effect for you both
    Alison Cutts
  • Martina MietzGirl from Germany I have CFS and Fibro 20 years now and found Tobys Online Recovery Program 2 month ago. Best positive great and helpful thing I ever get in touch with - and so amazing beautiful people I get in contact with -so much going on and will come - started having dreams again - doing my best going the steps on the program, share experience help and laughing with you and would love to see even more of you inspiring heroes, hear/read your stories, see your great growth and just share our lives and love.
    Martina Mietz
  • Alison CuttsI'm from England and my daughter has CFS...she read Toby's books ( as have I ) and they really helped. She then signed up for the online programme and has made some great progress! so pleased that we found such a positive man and role model to help...nothing but negativity here! Really looking forward to seeing her improve more with Toby's guidance. Can't wait for the DVD. Thanks Tob.
    Alison Cutts
  • Tracey QuinnIm from Merrylands, NSW, Australia. I have had CFS for over 20 years. Your program online Toby is giving me hope that I can be well again and get my life back and knowing its something I wont have to deal with for the rest of my life. You dont know how much I appreciate been given back my hope. Thank you!!!
    Tracey Quinn
  • Karin BoyleThis online course is practical and extremely helpful for people going through this illness as well as those caring for them. I highly recommend it. It has helped me move forward in my recovery and given me confidence to keep trying. Well done Toby and team!
    Karin Boyle

Who is Toby?

At age 16 Toby was diagnosed with CFS. According to Dr Lionel Lubitz (head doctor at the Royal Childrens Hospital), Toby’s case of CFS was “the worst he’d ever seen”.

Initially spending 4 weeks at the inpatient hospital program, Toby’s journey back to health was long and difficult, but he found a way and now dedicates his life to helping others achieve the same. Toby is the founder of the CFS Health Centre in Melbourne and has released a book on CFS

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