Social Conditioning vs Behavioural Conditioning

M.E. CFS Podcast – Social Conditioning vs Behavioural Conditioning


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Today’s podcast QUOTE OF THE DAY:

“It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it… And maybe we are doing it wrong? Ask yourself, Is what you’re doing right for you?”




Toby Morrison
Toby Morrison
At age 16 Toby was diagnosed with CFS. According to Dr Lionel Lubitz (head doctor at the Royal Childrens Hospital), Toby’s case of CFS was “the worst he’d ever seen”. Initially spending 4 weeks at the inpatient hospital program, Toby’s journey back to health was long and difficult, but he found a way and now dedicates his life to helping others achieve the same. Toby is the founder of the CFS Health Centre in Melbourne and has released a book on CFS