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We have discovered that most CFS sufferers prefer to complete their recovery ONLINE...

However, for those living in Melbourne, there is still a 1 on 1 program available if you prefer to work with one of our CFS coaches..

These 1-on-1 sessions are completed weekly with a CFS coach and are completely run out of our health centre in Brighton, Victoria.

Due to the intimate nature of these sessions, the 12 week program is priced accordingly and is NOT THE SAME AS THE ONLINE PROGRAM!

12 Weeks to Wellness

Feeling Good Again and Ongoing Guidance

At the end of the 12-week program you’ll see an increase in body strength, cardiovascular fitness, endurance and flexibility.
You can book follow-up appointments for personal training with me and/or interval appointments to discuss your overall wellbeing.
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The CFS Team

Toby Morrison - Founding Director



My journey with Chronic Fatigue started just after I turned 22 at a time when I was playing high-level football and felt like the world was at my feet. Unaware as to how to deal with the situation, I was completely physically incapacitated before I underwent Toby’s 12-week wellness program. Toby’s help was instrumental in my recovery, and in the space of 9 months he helped take me from being barely able to get out of bed, to being fit enough to compete in state and national level athletics as an 800m runner. Suffering from CFS was undoubtedly one of the toughest things I have ever had to go through, yet as a result of my experiences I developed a passion to help others on their road to recovery. Having completed a degree in Exercise Science, and now undertaking a PHD in Psychological studies, I feel well equipped to deal with both the physical and mental challenges faced by sufferers of CFS.



At the age of 14 (January 2009) I was diagnosed with Glandular fever, from exercising 5 times a week to crashing, CFS turned my world upside down. It took 9 months and 7 doctors and multiple blood tests to finally get an answer that it wasn’t glandular fever, but Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Back in 2009 I had no idea what CSF was, little did I know it would change my life completely. I remember the day mum sat me down and explained that life won't be the same, and some hard times were ahead.. The diagnosis hit me, I would be tired and sick all the time, could no longer play sport, no longer see friends, and barely go to school. As I got sicker, I lost friends, and slowly started to lose who I thought I was. It wasn't easy, as my illness got worse, I had to cut more out of my life, first it was socialising, then it was watching netball, then it was school, and then it was basic everyday living, I could barely shower myself let alone cook food. Everything I knew had changed, and everything about me had changed, what teenager old is too tired to get out of bed for food or friends. I tried so many different supplements and tablets, and even herbal medicine, nothing helped, I was loosing friends and falling behind at school and loosing all hope that I would ever recover. I had 5 years of this illness before I found Toby. Once I found Toby I knew this was exactly what I needed. He was the answer I was looking for. He sat me down, knew what I was going through, but knew how to help me. The day I met him, was the day I told him I would work for him one day (he didn’t believe me of course). So I started seeing Toby, and straight away saw changes, found out I had been doing everything wrong! I started eating right, sleeping right, stressing less, getting happier, and most important to me, I was able to start exercising again. I started with 4 minutes on the treadmill, and little by little worked my way up and improved my health. I went back to school and started studying to get my Personal Training certificate so I could work with Toby. It was a long process, but I got my life back, my health back, and my dream job!