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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Specialist | Toby Morrison

The CFS Health Centre (where CFS stands for Choice, Future & Success) is located in Brighton, Victoria – Australia

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12 Week FACE TO FACE Coaching

Read below for details regarding this "1-on1 outpatient program" run from our MELBOURNE CENTRE
At CFS Health we offer a wide variety of help worldwide through the Online Recovery Program and Accountability Coaching Program. We also run a 1-on-1 recovery program for individuals who would prefer to work one on one with a specialist CFS health coach at our CFS Health Centre here in Melbourne, Australia.

Aimed specifically for individuals who want tailored recovery plan and want “One on One” help. The program will be specific to your needs, manageable and will help you improve your overall health and daily function. A Chronic Fatigue Specialist will help you every step of the way.

Don’t worry we know what M.E/CFS is like.

Not only are all of our specialist CFS Health coaches fully qualified AND trained By CFS Health founder Toby Morrison... they have all suffered from M.E/CFS themselves at some point AND have gone through and recovered through this EXACT program!

At CFS health we ALL understand what you are going through and we will work within your capabilities. We will make sure you don’t over do it and that we start slowly but surely so we can make sure your health improves safely and effectively.

It is important when you seek help to get sound advice from people who UNDERSTAND exactly what you are going through and are qualified to help you rebuild your health safely and effectively.

The 12 week one on one program will help you with

  • Addressing baseline and management
  • Set Daily routine and activities
  • Weekly health progression
  • Sleep routine
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Daily activity routine
  • Pacing advice and guidance
  • Restorative Movement Exercise (Safe effective movement that doesn't make you worse)
  • Recovery tools and techniques
  • Accountability
  • Symptom management
  • Personal development
  • Stress and anxiety management tools
  • Specific recovery goal setting