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Sam and GraceHi, Toby has asked me to share our story, so here goes. This is a pic of 2 of my 5 kids. Samual and Grace, both getting ready for school this morning, happy and excited by life as all kids should be right? They both have CFS and this is a picture just 6 months ago I only dreamed of taking of the both of them. I never thought they would be these "normal" kids again. They are just 12 and 15. Both were healthy active kids who NEVER got sick. 2 years ago Sam got a viral infection that saw him hospitalised for 2 weeks at Monash in Vic. He never got better........In July 2012 he saw Dr Lubitz at the RCH who diagnosed CFS. Dr Lubitz was also Toby's doctor and mentioned Toby and his recovery. In September of 2012 Gracie also got a viral infection that saw her out of school for the whole of term 4. Arghhhhhh this cant be happening again! In April 2013 Sam went into the RCH for a month to partake in their CFS rehab program. We had good results, but as the year went on Sam had flare ups and we felt like we needed a little extra support that the RCH couldn't give us. In September 2013 Gracie was also diagnosed with CFS through the RCH and Dr Lubitz who put her on the waiting list for the same program, but it looked like it would be at least 6 months before she got in. With her going into yr 11 next year we couldn't wait that long and sought out Toby. This is when we found out he was offering his program online and we jumped at the opportunity. With Sam having a few relapses we signed them both up. we thought if anything it would be great for them to both support each other and jog Sams and our memorys of things he needed to do to get back on track. 6 weeks in and the results for both our kids has been AMAZING!!!!!!! Just 6 weeks in and Gracie is her happy, vibrant go getting self again, who had doubled her school attendance, exercises for 15 minutes a day, makes better food choices actually gets a good nights sleep and is feeling BETTER. Yes she still has her ups and downs but her CFS symptoms are MANAGEABLE now and I am so excited by what the future holds for her. She has been so blown away by how changing her lifestyle has helped her CFS and Tobys program that she would like to follow the path of health and nutrition and help people like herself. Sams relapse was short and his recovery from a viral illness quick. His RCH 6 month review was done last week and his team were over the moon with his progress especially in the last 8 weeks. He is attending school full time 4 days a week, can exercise for a staggering 40 minutes a day, and Scoots to school in the mornings. Not bad considering in April he could only manage 2 minutes of exercise and 3 1-2 hr days at school. Tobys teachings have been invaluable to our family and we cant thank him enough. I hope sharing our story gives others hope. I know we will have our setbacks, but with the support of Toby and his program to follow, life is only going to get better for my two babies. THANKYOU
Leigh Bell - Mum of Sam and Grace
Matt Carter23 years old from sydney, Id just like to say i'm writing this at possibly the lowest level of energy during my recovery with chronic fatigue syndrome but thanks too the program Im at the highest level clarity towards my mindset too recovery, health, staying positive and my life goals. even before i was sick. I was diagnosed with CFS in late 2012 after a few months of constant flues, cold, brain fog and lack of energy to do day to day activities, I've been through it all since being diagnosed, seen countless gps, immune and liver specialists, naturopaths, acupunctures to try found out what was wrong with me. I've had countless blood tests,ultrasounds, urine samples, biopsies, sleep study tests, trailed steroids, countless vitamins and herbs, which in the end found only very mild case of inflammation in my body. After being let down by doctors and specialists I finally found a gp that sort of understood CFS and pointed me in the right direction with fatigue and recovery clinics. Throughout 2013 I did 2 Graded exercises therapies / cognitive training therapies programs, which probably only covered about 25% of what toby offered in his online program. I was just about finished with my 8 week Fatigue Clinic program in sydney (founded by the top leading doctor in australia for chronic fatigue) when i found out about toby through youtube. I was instantly drawn to do his program, my parents were telling me its probably another program and not to waste more money, but I choose not to listen to them as I instantly felt he understood what i was going through and the fact he had recovered so well was a blessing. I got straight to emailing him and within hours we were talking on the phone and really connecting! His program was full at the time aswell but just being the genuine person he is he took me in as an extra. Only to find out I was a lot of work! ;) I started his online program thinking I knew all the stuff I needed to know with graded exercise and recovery with cfs but I managed to learn a whole heap of new stuff and even more stuff about the things I already knew! ( exercise, dieting, eating routine, daily routine, streching, meditation, mindset, positive thinking, goal setting , acceptance and best of all people to connect with that are going through the same thing! ). It has set me up for the future and im actually kind of scared of the person im going to become because I know its going to be nothing but greatness and success! I believe if you want to be like the best you need need to surround yourself with the best kind of people. If you want to be a millionaire surround yourself with rich positive go getters, the same goes for recovering with chronic fatigue. Because its so unknown and even the doctors cant describe it well enough, so we need all the support and help we can get! Its almost 2014 now and I've given up on doctors and worrying about bloodtests etc and just focusing on what I can do each day to recover. This has been massive help for me. Once you start focusing on the stuff you can control you only can PROGRESS! I cant wait for 2014 to come and im excited to see my recovery and mindset constantly improving! This is only the beginning. Chronic fatigue is a blessing in disguise and it sets you up for an even better you! _____Thanks brother!
Matt Carter
It's great to read how well some of us are doing! I'm better in sooo many ways already...lots of little things that really add up to a big deal for me and I have no doubt that it's down to Toby's program, his inspiration and following his advice. Thank you Toby
Sara Parker-Fuller
I live in the UK and I live in an area which gives you very little help with CFS, I became very down and really didn't know where to turn! I came across Toby and his program purely by accident but I believe it came to me at the right time, a time in my life where I wanted to get well, better than I have ever been before! I'm really enjoying the program so far, it's giving me all the tools and information that I need to get better! It's a long, slow, process, it won't be easy at times but you won't be going through it alone as you have Toby and the support forum. I've had a few set backs a long the way but I am noticing changes to my health, I certainly feel more positive and more lively and started doing things I enjoy doing again. I still have a long way to go yet but signing up to Toby's program was the best thing I have done in years! I've develop a better mind set! I don't take crap off anyone anymore and people have noticed I've changed and haven't liked that, so I've showed them the door, so definately got rid of a lot of negative people out of my life!! So I am happier now for doing that and in general! I've learn't to say no more often and listen to my body! I've started doing things I enjoy more now, I've done a few commission for my jewellery and not thought oh god do I have to do it and also started reading again which I haven't done in years! People around me are noticing small postive changes too My mum says I laugh more too! Got a long way to go but feel different in a good way
Here you go ... My favourite aspect of this program is that it has a week by week structure so that we can take recovery one step at a time rather than being overwhelmed with information and making ourselves even sicker by trying to do everything at once. Toby is also very active in the group, even with his many other commitments, which is great when you have questions or need some inspiration (just look at the man!). Since starting this program I have felt myself get stronger both physically and mentally and last week I managed to hang out the washing without even feeling tired!! For the first time I actually genuinely believe that I can conquer cfs and lead a normal life and it’s all thanks to Toby’s online recovery program!
Rebecca Black
I love the course but as Toby says it's not miracle cure but with hard work and determination you'll feel better. You'll have your ups and downs but at least you'll move forward. Some may take longer than 8 weeks to get on top of it but at least you have the skills to deal with it. The best thing is the support you get from toby and also the other participants and knowing your not alone.
Brian Walsh
The amazing thing about Toby's program is being able to gain specific recovery gems from his own experience and insights in overcoming CFS ~ and his incredible power of motivation and inspiration. He becomes your coach (think of your own personal Jiminy Cricket!) You don't feel alone in this battle anymore. Someone else has gone before, who understands, and has overcome, and he's giving you the exit plan. It's really powerful stuff. If you have CFS, don't miss it. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones
Victoria Berman Ausonio
Having just finished the CFS online program. I now genuinely want to get out of bed and enjoy life again! Toby the program is so simple in essence but amazingly effective and has helped me turn my life around! I'm working full time, looking to start studying again and back on track to get that black belt in taekwondo! Life is fantastic thanks to this program!!
Angela Petersen
I never thought less is more would ever work but it’ was the key that I was missing I’ve done so much over the last 8 weeks , I’m racing my car again haven’t done that for 2 years …I’m cooking again , I was lucky to cook once a week now I’m baking as well as cooking, I’ve met up with friends I haven’t seen for over a year … I got my motorbike learners …. And working full time again I have little flare ups but no were as bad as b4 …. I even mowed the lawns today front and back I still pace my self or I will go back to square one … Just like to say a huge thank you to you Toby. You have no idea how good it makes a person feel having someone believe in them it has made a world of difference for me and I can’t thank you enough I still have a fair way to go but I’m on the right track and every week I’m moving forward … Life’s great xxxxxx
Jodie Kendall
Hi Toby here is my foreword: Toby Morrison is an enthusiastic,fit and healthy young man. He wasn't always like this. When he was 16 he developed severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS). His symptoms although quite typical were so severe that I investigated him for many other conditions that I felt could be causing such severe debility. He had CFS and was very sick with it. He did not have anything else. The impact of this condition on his education,family and social life was profound but he slowly improved after an intensive 4 week inpatient rehabilitation program at the Austin hospital, Melbourne. His condition slowly improved using a carefully controlled graded exercise program and with careful management he was able to complete his schooling and go onto Tertiary studies. As the CFS slowly resolved he decided to dedicate himself professionally to helping teenagers with CFS. With his understanding of the condition and his infectious optimism he has brought hope to many adolescents with this condition. His approach is sensible,safe and often successful. The book is a synthesis of his journey and his understanding of CFS and I commend it to young people with this condition . All the best Lionel Dr. Lionel Lubitz Consultant Paediatrician,Dept of General Medicine, Royal Children’s Hospital Associate Professor (Clinical),Dept of Paediatrics,University of Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital PARKVILLE VICTORIA 3052 Australia
Dr. Lionel Lubitz
Claire shares her personal experience of being a parent of a child with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the positive outcomes her daughter has had since being in treatment with Toby Morrison of the CFS Health Centre in Melbourne.
Alison and Matthew Cutts speak about how blown away they were by Toby and his CFS Recovery Program.

Alisons and Matthew's Story
Brendan Hill was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was struggling to recover until he found Toby and the CFS Health Centre.

Brendan Hil
Karin BoyleThis online course is practical and extremely helpful for people going through this illness as well as those caring for them. I highly recommend it. It has helped me move forward in my recovery and given me confidence to keep trying. Well done Toby and team!
Karin Boyle
Karin BoyleThis online course is practical and extremely helpful for people going through this illness as well as those caring for them. I highly recommend it. It has helped me move forward in my recovery and given me confidence to keep trying. Well done Toby and team!
Karin Boyle
  Tracey QuinnIm from Merrylands, NSW, Australia. I have had CFS for over 20 years. Your program online Toby is giving me hope that I can be well again and get my life back and knowing its something I wont have to deal with for the rest of my life. You dont know how much I appreciate been given back my hope. Thank you!!!  
Tracey Quinn
Alison CuttsI'm from England and my daughter has CFS...she read Toby's books ( as have I ) and they really helped. She then signed up for the online programme and has made some great progress! so pleased that we found such a positive man and role model to help...nothing but negativity here! Really looking forward to seeing her improve more with Toby's guidance. Can't wait for the DVD. Thanks Tob.  
Alison Cutts
Martina MietzGirl from Germany I have CFS and Fibro 20 years now and found Tobys Online Recovery Program 2 month ago. Best positive great and helpful thing I ever get in touch with - and so amazing beautiful people I get in contact with -so much going on and will come - started having dreams again - doing my best going the steps on the program, share experience help and laughing with you and would love to see even more of you inspiring heroes, hear/read your stories, see your great growth and just share our lives and love. I can honestly say to everybody it is so worth it, no matter what you choose -get some informations on the site, in contact with Toby, on the program or some nice contacts, comments here on FB. You are so welcome
Martina Mietz
Alison CuttsTracy Watling...hope all goes well for your husband. From our experience I have every faith that the Toby's
Alison Cutts
Nikita  ThirdFrom Central Coast, Australia. The online program is a great, step-by-step process to return us to good health and remind us what we live for. It is hard, as everything is when you have CFS, but worth it. The program requires commitment, or rather, shows us that we need to be committed to ourselves for he program to work, but Toby offers undying support and there are always others in the program we can connect with to share our set-backs and offer/receive support. I have had CFS for 12 years and whilst I have not yet fully recovered and still feel constantly tired, my other symptoms have greatly decreased in frequency and severity. Toby and his online program gives me the support and framework I need to continue my progress and I'm sure, with some more time and perseverance, I will fully recover. Many many thanks Toby for all of the above.
Nikita Third
Nikita  ThirdI'm in Nashville USA. Had CFS for 3 years. I'll keep it simple and say, Toby's story was so strikingly similar to mine, it's hard to find young guys who have struggled with this sometimes. His story and attitude of positivity has given me hope. He's helped me in my journey into hope & positivity, possibly the biggest factor in helping my slow improvement.
Andrew Wilson
Andrew WilsonI'm in Nashville USA. Had CFS for 3 years. I'll keep it simple and say, Toby's story was so strikingly similar to mine, it's hard to find young guys who have struggled with this sometimes. His story and attitude of positivity has given me hope. He's helped me in my journey into hope & positivity, possibly the biggest factor in helping my slow improvement.
Andrew Wilson
Jane KeyI'm from Sydney, Australia and just a FB friend ! "Paying it forward" is the best way I can describe Toby's work and passion for those of us struggling to heal from CFS. Toby inspires, encourages and passes on his lived experience and recovery from this insidious disease. Whilst an illness such as CFS can be so hard to manage Toby teaches us to never ever give up but to press forward, to hold onto hope and to heal.
Jane Key
Michelle OversMy 15 year old son has been seeing Toby and Ash for 10 months and we can't thank them enough for the help and support they have provided. My son continues to improve, following Toby's plan. He has his ups and downs, but the support and positiveness of Toby keeps him, and our extended family, hopeful, positive and on a steadily improving path to good health.

Michelle Overs
Catherine ArmstrongCatherine Armstrong I'm in Chester, England! My daughter Jenny has CFS and is on Toby's programme. To find Toby was a blessing! She is making slow, but steady progress, which is the best way to beat CFS. So-called 'treatment' here in the UK is dire, to say the least. Having someone like Toby, who has been through it, come out the other side and is now so healthy, is the best way to go. He can relate to everything you are going through. Yes, some days Jenny can feel frustrated and impatient but remains positive, as do I. It's very important as a sufferer's 'carer' to understand the illness and to be supportive. I can't thank Toby Morrison - Health and Lifestyle enough,for sharing his experience with all of us! Love & blessings xx

Catherine Armstrong
Janine VallenceMelbourne, Australia. My son has suffered from CFS for 4 years and we had been knocking on doctors offices for a while, appointment after appointment with nobody willing to diagnose or help him. We found Toby online one day and even though he had no free appointments at the time he agreed to see him. Matt completed the 12 week program as he and Toby worked through all sorts of issues. Toby certainly helped with the fatigue side of things even though Matt had a number of other health problems to deal with. Toby is an inspiration. He 'knows' what CFS sufferers need which really makes the difference that someone is out there who understands the fear, anxiety and hopelessness that comes with the ups and downs of this condition. Toby is able to assist in building not only stamina and better health but real strength in believing once again in yourself. I will certainly be following his success

Janine Vallence
LindaNSW, Australia. Over the last 7 or so years, I have tried numerous treatments for FM/CFS, from prescription medication, to acupuncture. While I had made some improvement to my health through the more holistic/supplement approach, I still was not getting the results I desired, nor did I have the support that I needed. What I love about the work that Toby does, is that his main focus is working on the whole picture; making sure we are giving the body all it needs to start to heal itself, while working on small goals to help build on stamina, our ability to cope with the world, our ability to begin to accomplish things, all without setting us back - and building on it, week by week. He is helping us with FM/CFS, but, in a roundabout way, that is not the focus - there is no negative spin on the illnesses, nor is he just treating symptoms. By helping us take control of various aspects in our life, that have a positive impact on our health, Toby is giving us some independence and 'freedom', because we can start to feel like we are 'normal', healthy, functioning human beings, again This all works alongside Toby's infectiously positive, inspirational and caring attitude, and approach, in his role of educating, guiding, helping and supporting the members of his Online Recovery Program, and others who seek his help. I have found this level of commitment to give us help and hope, as well as the tools to make it possible, have been a godsend, especially in the toughest times. Instead of feeling alone, lost (not knowing what to do) and like no one understands, I now have the ongoing support from Toby and the other members on his program, who know exactly what I'm going through. I have still got a long way to go, but I am sure that I will continue to make progress because of the lessening of symptoms, and the gradual increase of energy that I have already experienced. A humongous THANK YOU, to you, Toby!!!!!!!
Linda Huntington
Patty AmarantidisSouth Australia. I started to suffer ME-cfs from my early 20's. Continued on to my 30's and now I am in my early 40's.. Just like so many of you, it has been a very difficult road. No real answers from doctors, lots of visits to naturapaths, homoepaths, expensive supplements from pyramid companies. Lots of heart ache and $$$$$$ and got no where. By early 30's had to leave my job. Hospital admissions, doctors scratching their heads.. Let alone my own fears of what the hell is going on with symptoms ???? Also unbelief / humiliation / heart ache from docs. Psychologists, psychiatrists.... Physical and mental meltdown and months in hospital.. Finally came across a doctor who has special interest with Me-cfs. Someone who understood the condition and able to help with symptoms.. Also read up on an e-book which was posted on CFS facebook site, "Recovering from CFS" by Collinge and assoc. Good education on condition, understanding of various symptoms etc.. Now started to manage the condition, relieved that I found specialist and Gp to hear and help.. Just before Christmas came across a post from Toby Morrison - Health and Lifestyle , regarding Recovery from CFS, online program. I went into the website and checked it out. Watched a clip of Toby on a morning show, putting it out there that an online program was available. Upon investigating it all somewhat I applied to get onto the program. I definately wanted to undergo the online program and check it all out for myself and to be able to recommend it to others also. After a personal call and chat from Toby I was ready to go ahead.. What I found was that Toby was very sincere about helping people like myself out. The information was sound and grounded. At some stage I became a little confused and anxious and after some feedback got a deeper understanding of where I was and where I was suppose to be. It got into the nitty gritty of day to day living in regards the degree of day to day function, meals, rest, excercise, stress, anxiety amongst other things.. Details that are very difficult for doctors as such to address during consults. Personally I would see my Gp about issues that really stood out and not so much about the nitty gritty of lifestyle. So as I was managing my condition before doing the course, I now have more fine tuned it towards Recovering rather than just managing. Yes, it takes time. Yes there are ups and downs. And most importantly Yes, after some weeks started to notice improvements. In my case, it has been a matter of small steps, small steps, but its small steps small steps in the right direction.. And Yes have recommended it and will recommend it to others also.
Patty Amarantidis

Patty AmarantidisAim to please Toby Morrison - Health and I am one that thrives on humour...... thanks for prompt reply, has profound effect to be acknowledged for feed back, when we haven't been heard for so long.. good to read other replies.. Weird that we have this illness, yet feel good to be a part of something like this to help others.
Patty Amarantidis

Lynne DicksonAm from Inverness in Scotland. Have had M.E./CFS since I was 17 so had it 25 years now. Was bed-ridden like many for 7 months & had to learn to walk again & was unable to work for 3 years. Been working full-time for 22 years (but with the odd relapse) but been struggling at times. Saw this page on Facebook & decided to like it. Was really impressed with what I saw & sent an email to Toby. Am now on the program & although taking it slowly & had a setback with with a chest infection very recently it's making a difference. Saw a bit of a difference in the first few weeks & it's so great to be getting help from someone who knows exactly what we're going through. You're an inspiration Toby & if I'm ever in Melbourne I'll pop in to see you all at the Centre Toby.
Lynne Dickson