10 reasons why you should meditate.

We all know people think CFS is a relatively easy illness, you’re only tired right? But only those who have been through it, really know the toll it takes on someone, and how stressful it can all be. Although your days may not be as jam packed as they used to be, and you may not have the ‘stress’ you used to have, doesn’t mean you are not stressed or overwhelmed with your situation.

CFS is NOT an easy illness to live with, it impacts every single aspect of your life, and I know I don’t need to tell you this.

So today we are going to keep calm and meditate…

Here are 10 reasons why;

1- Keeps you relatively stress free.

2- Improves functioning of the brain.

3- Helps you sleep better at night.

4- Can increase your attention span and help lift some of the brain fog.

5- Reduces anxiety and anxiety related symptoms, especially the adrenalin ‘fight or flight’ feeling.

6- Improves emotional stability.

7- Activates your ‘rest and digest’ part of the nervous system, which is like a literal switch to calm down and relax.

8- Promotes creativity and compassion (sometimes it’s hard to hear people complain about a common cold- if only!)

9- Reduces the signs of ageing (I’ve just won you over, haven’t I?)

10- Enhances your immune system (boom, go meditate)

Now some of you may already be meditating which is great! Some may be thinking about it, and some may suck at it, like myself.


Did you know there are many, many types of meditation and ways to do it, I guarantee there’s one to suit every personality.

Here are a few suggestions:

Mindfulness meditation,

Spiritual meditation,

Focused meditation,

Movement meditation,

Mantra meditation,

& Breathing techniques.

Sometimes the idea of meditation is overwhelming, where do your start what do you do?

My most basic suggestion?

Start off with a guided meditation, either a class nearby if you can get to it, or a YouTube video, make sure you find a voice that is relaxing to you, and let them ease you into meditation.

As you can see there are plenty of benefits, and a great thing is, you should be able to meditate even on the worst of the CFS days, you can meditate in anyway that works for you. For a lot of people meditation is a last resort, or something you only use when you really need it.

I suggest trying it daily for 2 weeks, 10-20 minutes (even 5 mins to begin with is good) and see if you notice any of the above benefits. I meditate daily, and I get my patients to as well.

It’s powerful and it works!

Another little secret? Deep breathing, and things like stretching are forms of meditation as well, so it’s definitely not as hard as you think.

Now in 3 easy steps I can get you more zen, carefree and chilled!

The best way to start is be more aware of how anxious or stressed you may be, bring in some breathing techniques (ie the 4, 7, 8 breathing technique).

Then bring in some daily full body stretching (with deep breaths accordingly), with this make sure it’s restorative, only a light stretch that promotes blood flow. And lastly, 5-20 minutes of mindfulness or a guided meditation (or any of the meditation techniques above.)

Now, regardless of if you’re a full time worker, or a mum, or just plain busy, you have time for this, don’t lie to yourself and say you don’t have time, you do, and you will thank yourself for it.

I did a video of my favourite form of meditation that you can follow along with- I hope you enjoy it. Click here to watch it!

We would love to hear from you and your experience with meditation.

I am a fully qualified meditation and yoga instructor, I’m available for one on one coaching, so if you feel you need any extra coaching, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

Extra stuff on meditation – I did some research into meditation, just to make sure my facts were 100% correct and they are. I could go on a deeper level and tell you exactly what it all does to the brain, but if you’re interested have a look. click here.

Hope that helps.


Raeya BQ – CFS Health Coach

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