4 simple ways to reduce anxiety

ANXIETY ATTACK… It does get better

Hi I’m the devil inside your brain that warps your thoughts, make you judge yourself, compare yourself and ultimately stress you out as much as possible. When I do that I make you feel physically and mentally CRAP.
Who else has this reality on a daily basis?
Anxiety is the rule of all evil and I can vouch for this. I went through pain and suffering for more than four years. As my illness went on for longer my anxiety grew. To the point I didn’t want to step outside of my house.
See the problem is if we don’t control it, it controls us.
It starts by being conscious of your thoughts and processing is your stinking thinking really true or
Are you going to be okay.
Most of our anxious thoughts are not usually our reality, the problem is.. the more we the think about it the more it becomes true.

First of all – You are normal – you are not some insane alien from a different planet – although you might feel that way – so many of us suffer from anxiety at some stage of our life. So read on and make the small changes YOU can to benefit your health and your life!

“Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

Here are FOUR ways to overcome your anxiety.

1. Write – Yep that is right – write down what actually causes your anxiety. is it stress, is it a certain thing you do or feel or think. Write them down so you can be conscious of them in the future.


2. Choice – Before the anxiety overtakes control of your body. Knowing the causes of your anxiety allows you to be conscious of the choices you can make when your anxiety arises. Write down the outcomes of either; choosing to overcome your anxiety by making logical, rational decisions Or the negative outcome by stressing yourself out even more with your anxiety.


3. Do – Yep sometimes we just need to STOP our anxiety by doing, not thinking. When we do, our minds tend to relax and the anxiety tends to dissolve. Things like stretching, reading, walking, moving, watching a movie, a funny TV show, or some gentle exercise that works for you.


4. Talk – Talking is great therapy – especially when your gaining strategies to help you with your current situation of anxiety. Anxiety is chaos inside your brain, so talking can be great if you are having an anxious moment. Be calm, call a friend and communicate with them. Sometimes their words will help put the rational in irrational. And make things easier for you.


There are MANY other ways of reducing anxiety. In the form of meditation, seeking a coach or therapist, relaxation, breathing techniques and so on.
We are all human and I think it is important to know we are all still normal. Talk to someone, ask for help, even better tell that devil to shut up by jumping off the thought bandwagon, getting out of your head and in the present – DO.
But I am here to tell you.
YOU can do it. You will never know if you don’t have a go. Take that first step … And then the second. One day you will look back and be proud of yourself that YOU DID IT!


Id like to here what helps you with overcoming anxiety. Comment below 🙂

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