6 ways to STOP YOUR PITY PARTY We all have them from time to time. You know… you feel sorry for yourself, you ask questions like why me? Or state that life is unfair. We throw a pity party and usually there is only one person in the room – (YOU).  Life becomes depressing pretty […]

Three reasons why you should keep a journal

You can never be too cool to write a journal, to be in touch with your emotions and to express how you really feel. Girls seem to be fine with writing journals and talking about how they feel. However apparently with males it is uncool to talk about emotions, or even have emotions full stop. […]


Goal setting for CFS recovery

GOALS and PURPOSE   We all have goals. Whether they are written down on a piece of paper or merely an idea in our heads.We think about our goals, discuss them, write about them, and enjoy the idea of attaining them. But in reality, we don’t seem to do much about them. Why is this? […]

Sleep and Sleeping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

how to stop a Bad day with chronic fatigue syndrome

Sleep and Sleeping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   What is sleep and why do we need it? Sleep is the term used to describe the bodies rest cycle. It is a naturally recurring state where our senses and motor activity are almost completely put on pause. During sleep we are completely or partially unconscious and […]

Beat Exhaustion! Get your priorities right!

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