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MUCH BETTER BAD DAYS By Susan Mackenzie Originally published on I want to tell you about my bad days. Why? Because the bad days I have now, would have been considered good days a year ago! My bad days have improved to the point that, early last year I would have been happy to spend a day at […]

The Importance Of Belief During Recovery

The Importance of Belief During Recovery Now before you shoot me in the foot… I will clear up some misperceptions. First of all, CFS or any chronic illness is not in the head. However, in this article you will see why the mind/brain has a huge role to play in the steps to recovery and […]

Why Setting Boundaries Can Save Your Life.

As I collapsed it felt like I was about to die.. It wasn’t until the week after I collapsed that I found out I’d had a full blown panic attack.. yay fun! That was after pushing myself to the fullest, stressed out to the max and having literally no boundaries for years on end. Passion […]

Why you should stop trying so hard to get better.

5 things you need to know if you are trying so hard to recover. “When you keep adding more tasks to the already stressful to do list, you need to stop doing it.” As a coach, this is something people wouldn’t expect me to say. But it takes some observation to see what isn’t actually […]

It’s okay to ask for help.

Soldier on… ‘I am not okay’ What I’ve learnt recently, because of CFS I built a wall, and that’s the ‘I’m fine’ wall, How are you today? I’m fine, Are you feeling any better? I’m fine. Are you okay? I’m fine. Whether I was fine or not, I built this wall as protection, regardless of […]

Listening to your body for recovery from M.E/CFS

Today I am going to remind you of a little system that can help to prevent some of the pushing and crashing; it ties in with the credit system. Two videos that you must watch are The CFS golden rules and Precautionary rest . Check them out as they are so helpful for anyone with CFS or something […]

The puzzle for M.E/CFS recovery

Write your own story For a very, very long time I told myself I couldn’t get better, CFS recovery was a story, like a fairy tale, lovely to read but never a reality. I tried lots and lots of things, each bringing disappointment. As a teenager it was a challenge to continually pick myself back […]