What's the program’s success rate?

The program's success rate is extremely high for those that engage in it fully and follow it consistently. Unfortunately we cannot track every single person as it is up to the individual to take full responsibility of their health and their recovery. We have some amazing success stories from past clients. Please keep in mind, many recover and do not want to look back, they are too busy living and loving their new life to want to talk about their story.

Does it work for older people? I heard that older people can't recover.

Fortunately for you, that is a false subjectable claim that is not true. We have had many people in in their 40s, 50’s and 60’s+ greatly improve and recover through this program. Just go to our youtube channel to hear some of their personal stories.

Can I just try the program for free to see if it works?

No you can’t, however you do get a 30 day money back guarantee - If after 30 days of using the program and following it, you do not find it useful you can get a refund, keep in mind however, it takes 8 weeks for the physical body to make improvements. To get the most benefit out of the program it is recommended to follow and do the work for 6 months to progress and maintain and enjoy life as it unfolds.

How long will it take to get better?

This is a very subjective question and varies for every individual. Some recover quite quickly and others take longer. As everyone has a different set of circumstances it is important to just focus on yourself and focus on making small improvements, overtime you will look back and see how far you have really come. You have lifetime access to the program so depending on where you are at, there is no rush to do the program. Take it at your own pace.

Do I have to follow the program week by week and do I have to do it all?
You have lifetime access to the Online Recovery Program which means you can take your time and go through it at your own pace. However we do recommend following it step by step from module 1 all the way through to module 8.
In saying that you do not have to go through all the modules as you may be guided to work on specific modules that are specific to your current needs. You will be guided on this during our group coaching calls over the 6 months n the mentorship group.
Is this program going to push me?

Absolutely not. This program is designed for you TO STOP PUSHING AND CRASHING. Our first module will teach you how to create your baseline and stop the push/crash cycle so you have a solid foundation to build from and finally make progress from there.

Do I have to do Exercise or is there Graded Exercise in the program?

No - You do not have to do any exercise, in fact initially exercise isn't what you need, you don’t need to push an already pushed body. Instead we have a REM (Restorative Movement Program) Which again you can follow at your own pace, when you are ready. We do have a progressive movement plan/module in the program for those (when able) to start re-conditioning their physical bodies in a safe effective way. All the lessons and exercises/movements are explained in the modules. You will be taught when it is appropriate to do this and when to not do anything as well.

Do I have to stop taking my medication or do I have to take any supplements for this program?
No. The program is designed to help you on a practical, day to day basis,Physically, Emotionally, Mentally. We have had many clients go from taking 40 medication tablets per day to nothing within a year period because they improved their health so much they did not need it anymore. As always speak with your doctor regarding any medication you are taking if you do want to cut down over time. This program is NOT a medical program, this is a health and lifestyle recovery program for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Clients can take supplements if they choose to, however we do not have any specific supplementation advice on the program.
Am I left to on my own to do it or can I get support?
We are here to support you every step of the way. That is why we have included 6 months access to our group mentorship program where you will be able to get your personal questions answered and coaching on a bi-weekly/ fortnightly basis. 6 months is a long enough time to really make progress and see results.
You will also have accountability check ins on a weekly basis inside our mentorship group with the other members. You will need to be willing to share your wins, what lessons you have learnt for the week and what you want to work on for the following week.
Where and what is the group and how does it work?
The mentorship group is strictly members only. It is located on facebook in a private group setting. This is where you will be able to meet all the other members, connect with each other, stay accountable, have monthly workshops with other health experts and be given times for our group coaching calls. Don’t worry this is not a support group that has people bringing each other down. This is a proactive, positive space for like minded people with one goal in common, to improve their health and ultimately improve their quality of life.
You will be able to post your wins, share your learning lessons, ask questions and support each other because you get each other! You don’t need to explain yourself in this group 🙂 
We only have one rule and that is no negative venting. This space is where you will be supported, encouraged and guided to make positive changes in your life. If you do not have facebook you will need to create a facebook profile for this group. No one outside of the group can see that you are in this group, or see what you saying. It is a private facebook group.
What if I miss a group call or can’t make the time or I don’t get my questions answered?

All our group calls are recorded for you so you can listen back as much as you like for reminders.  If you cannot make a call for whatever reason you can put your questions in the group comment box the day before and they will be answered on the next call. You will be sent a recording of each coaching session after it has completed.

What times will the group coaching calls be on?

We will have two different times per month to make sure everyone can make at least one session if not both.

Is there one on one coaching?

We do not offer one on one coaching in this program. Instead we have our small group coaching sessions every second week in the mentorship group. That is why you get 6 months access to the mentorship to get specific help and guidance with where you are at. You can book in one on one calls at an additional cost.

Do I need skype to do the program?

You do not need skype - Our group calls are  ran in zoom which is a free downloadable app. You can access it from your phone or computer. We will also be running all our other health expert workshops inside the private facebook group.

What happens if I have trouble logging in?

There is IT support, so if you ever lose your login details all you need to do is email [email protected] and we will fix it up for you.

How much does it cost?

The entire program which includes lifetime access to the Online Recovery Program and 6 months initial access to  the mentorship group is $500 AUD per month for 6 months.  (Please use currency convertor on google - rough approximates are  $345 USD, $315 Euro, $270 GBP - Please note these will vary with currency exchange rate).

Can I do the program on my phone?

Yes you can use the program on phone, iPad or computer. The program itself is located through a private membership portal login through our main website.

Why can’t I just join the program off the website.

Please keep in mind this is an application based process, just because you can afford it does not mean you can just join the program. You need to go through the application process and have an initial chat first to make sure you are a good fit for the program. If you are, you will be accepted into the program after the initial chat.  Please book in an initial call if you want to join the program.