How to lose weight when dealing with a chronic illness..

How to lose weight when dealing with a chronic illness..

Hey Guys, Toby Morrison here. Today’s question and answer is from Debbie. Debbie writes:
“Hi, I really need to start to exercise but I have no energy as I’m back at work and have an emotional job and I’m putting on weight which is effecting my mood and flare ups. I feel like I’m going around in circles. What do I do next?”

This is a really good question because a lot of female clients of mine tend to get overly stressed and overly stimulated and then gain weight and have major flare-ups with their Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So, what you have to know is that fat, when you put on weight, fat stores are actually there for protection and where do you think protection comes from? It comes from stress. So, this lady doesn’t actually need to do any moderate to severe exercise to loose the weight because that is only going to stress her system out even more. And this is where the conundrum comes in because so many people think that they have to exercise to loose weight, but in fact they’re putting more stress on their body when they’re already stressed out in the first instance. You can check out Paul Chek’s videos who mentions this as well.

You know you don’t want to put more stress on an already stressed body. So with that being said, if this lady is trying to combat a huge amount of work stress or life stress, the last thing she needs to do is put more stress on herself and whether that’s emotional stress or physical stress it can be both.

So my suggestion Debbie, and for anyone else out there who’s going through the same issue, is to actually find things that actually give them energy, and this is not in the form of pills or supplements, this is actually in the form of self care. So things like restorative movement, restorative breathing, rest and relaxation. Anything that’s really going to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system, anything that you find calming for your system. It can be as simple as literally just doing three lots of five minutes of deep breathing, belly breaths through your nose and out your nose to calm down your system. This will help restore energy and come back to a state of inner peace and inner calmness and centeredness which will calm down the nervous system and actually help you be more balanced, be less stressed, and inevitably have more energy. When you have more energy, you can go and do things that don’t exert too much energy and tire you out really easily because you’re not in a chaotic stressed state.

So my suggestion is deal with your emotional stress and mental stress, that’s really important and get help there, the best form can be coaching or doing a program that specifically helps people with that, my Mindset Mastery Program might be a good start. And then the physical stuff, like what are you doing to help yourself, what is the self care stuff that you need to do? Again, it’s not always linear in the sense that okay because I’m putting on weight I need to push myself harder, in fact it’s usually the opposite. Especially if you can actually observe it and go okay I’m really stressed, I’m pushing myself, I’m emotionally overloaded, and I have no energy yet I’m putting on more weight. Maybe have a look at your lifestyle and how you’re doing things and change that first. Obviously nutritional value is an important thing too, and hydration, but you’ll see the whole combination of doing this together in a holistic way will help you a lot.

So my suggestions…

Calm your nervous system down by doing things that restore energy not exert it. Anything that is calming: breathing, relaxation, restorative movement things like yoga or soft pilates that you can do from your bed or the floor if you’re able.

Nutrition, hydration, and lifestyle care. So look at your emotional and mental wellbeing and stressors and really if you’re having unbalanced perceptions and constantly focused or in a stressed state then that needs to be looked at too.

I hope that helps. It sounds like Debbie needs a bit of a rest and needs to calm herself down and inevitably she’ll most likely loose the weight and stop the flare ups, stop the stress, and start to live a more balanced lifestyle which will help her in the long run. All the best for now and I’ll speak to you next time, take care.



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