M.E/CFS is like running a marathon race.

CFS is like running a marathon and right now your body probably feels like it has just ran one.

Basically, a lot of changes happen within a CFS body, as we all know, and only recently are the medical sector looking further into it all. 

BUT, here’s how I like to explain CFS, for those who are genuinely interested.

As we know, because of CFS, many things within the body get much much weaker, or less efficient- i.e. muscles, or digestive system, or immune system, just to name a couple. With this, the struggle to do day-to-day tasks can become immense. Your body is under stress and it is trying to do it’s best to protect you.

Walking around your house doing daily activities can be the equivalent of a healthy persons actual gym work out. You see on a muscular level, just doing day-to-day tasks is essentially a workout. But as we know, a healthy person can sustain and recover from the gym workout, whereas someone with CFS is just wrecked from daily chores.

Post exertion malaise is a common symptom for M.E/CFS sufferers.

So now we compare a CFS body, to someone who runs marathons- someone who runs marathons spends months on end training for their race, they eat well, they keep hydrated, they build up their body’s endurance to big runs, they rest when their body needs it, they sleep well, they take supplements- they get their body working as optimally as they can. And what does this have to do with CFS?

Right now, your body on a cellular level is running a marathon and needs your help.

Right now, doing daily chores- getting out of bed, showering, cleaning, reading, walking, thinking, doing- it’s all taking energy, on such a level that your body is ‘running a marathon’. Now what are you doing to get your body working as efficiently as it can for your marathon? And what is the key thing I’m missing? Yep! You are running a marathon EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So what does this all mean? You need to look after your body because it is not just CFS tired, it’s normal tired too. This is why having boundaries and having a baseline is so important, although things like showering used to be easy, right now because of muscle atrophy (muscle mass decrease), it’s the equivalent as hitting the gym hard! So in layman’s terms showering should be easy, but in CFS world.. it’s not!

So you need to think a little bit harder, what else do you think is easy, but it may be be taking more energy than you think.

Treat recovery like a marathon. Step by step you can get there too.

Most importantly, what are you doing for your body to help it get through its marathon??

This is why we discuss baseline, and sleep, nutrition, hydration, stress/anxiety  levels, movement patterns,  restorative movement, relaxation, symptom management, and overall progression. All of this is vital to help you get through your marathon, and eventually run it a little easier.

So what happens with CFS? You work your ass off, that’s what.

Why am I explaining this all?

it’s good to be able to refer CFS to something

and B) you need a reminder that CFS is hard work, and you’re doing the best you can. And you need to give yourself some slack, CFS makes everything harder, especially loving yourself, when right now, all your body and mind need, is to be loved.

What you’re going through is not easy, in no way, shape or form, remember that.

CFS is hard, and CFS recovery can be harder, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you start to implement the right things for your body, you soon have a torch to light your way through the dark tunnel.

So what I want you going away thinking,’ yes this is hard, I should give myself more slack, I’m doing the best I can, and I WILL GET THERE.’

You’re welcome!

Remember run your own race, step by step you can get there.

If you need an extra hand, don’t hesitate to seek help! We have coaching available, because we’ve been through the continuous marathon you’re running, and we reached the finish line, and our dream in life is to show you how to get you there for yourself too.

Sending you love, and reminding you to love yourself too!

Raeya CFS Health Coach.

raeya 3 years

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