How to overcome back and muscular pain whilst suffering with Chronic Illness.

Back and muscular pain is growing at an alarming rate, especially those suffering with chronic illness such as M.E/CFS and Fibromyalgia. So much so that in 2011 it was stated Chronic Pain costs the US public $360 Billion Dollars annually for services and interventions on supporting Chronic Pain. This is an astounding figure just in America alone. Another astounding statistic was that over 100 million people in the USA have common chronic pain conditions, that is almost 1-3 people. Whilst there is no over night quick fix there are interventions and treatment plans that can relieve pain and improve health long term.

First all this is normal for anyone suffering with Chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia, M.E/CFS or any other illness for that matter. Two main reasons why this occur. Firstly due to illness the body has become much more deconditioned than it used to be. Laying or sitting for long periods of time (Illness does that to you) weakens the back, decreases neck, back and joint mobility as it is in flexion more then extension most of the time, this over time puts pressure on the back and other muscles around the body and can cause more harm then good. Pretty much we use ur bodies less then we can or should, which results in weakened lumbar spine, glutes and hamstrings, causing a lot of tightness and all other sorts of problems. Usually when your back goes it is because it is weakened (de-reconditioned) and then you do a rare movement that you haven’t done in days, weeks, months without even realizing it. Deconditioned body, incorrect movement patterns, stress overload = a great recipe for muscular pains and problems.

Yes you can use treatments initially and throughout recovery to help pain and decrease symptoms. Lots of stuff to try or stick to. Physio, Chiro, osteopath, massage, Acupunture, heat packs, cold baths, pain killers Etc to decrease initial pain or problem. Do what works for you as each persons liking and scenario is different.


The good thing is, this all can be reversed/relieved over time by avoiding all the wrong things and doing all the RIGHT things.
However the most important thing you can do over time are two things. Muscle recovery and symptom technique management, such as self massage, light static stretching, foam rolling and correcting posture and mobility. Regain strength and stamina, without overloading your body into a setback or flare up is imperative. Recondition the body and the back overtime safely will have the greatest effect. Movement and functionality is imperative in conjunction with rest. Most (almost) all patients have terrible posture, it is normal when you are exhausted you slouch forward and become tight and sore which eventually leads to ongoing pain. When patients come in to the CFS health centre, we work a lot on there thoracic spine and joint mobility to increase functionality, which can also decrease headaches, dizziness and make you feel stronger again. Now I’m not saying this is easy. Most people stay with back pain for years because it is hard to even start especially whilst suffering from illness! YOU MUST focus on your over all health. Not just your back or muscle pain. Pain causes emotional distress, which triggers and physical reaction in your body and leaves your body in turmoil. Over time relieve it, focus on quality sleep, quality nutrition, mindset and attitude towards you and your life and also smart progression! To many people go all or nothing and go back to square one. No use jumping up and down with motivation for 5 minutes and then being bed bound for a week!It takes time but it’s worth it!

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