Most people talk about strength in a physical term, however there is a more profound strength in life that goes beyond physical measures. This kid is more than that… And I am sure you will agree if you have had M.E/CFS you will know what I mean by “REAL STRENGTH”.

Today I had a proud moment as a coach/mentor… One il remember forever.

This kid now 14 started seeing me two years ago when he was severely ill. When he originally came in he had no strength whatsoever. To the point he had to lay on the floor because he had zero energy. In the first session I moved his muscles for him physically. We started with the bare minimum on a holistic level. After that first session you could see there was a tiny bit of hope and belief that he could improve. To my amazement him and his family drove down (3 hour drive) every week to have his weekly appointment. As the weeks went on, his improvement progressed. In our original health assessment his overall health was a 1/10. Barely living. Bed was his home for months on end. Today, a year and a half later he scored an 8/10 for FULL HEALTH!!!! He can run, ride 20 ks, hang with friends and live life again. I explained today that the suffering and hard times, was only a way to make his life more meaningful and easier long term. It just shows if we take the time, do the work and stay committed anything is really possible. It isn’t easy but nothing great is. The stuff he has learnt about his body, health and life is more than he would learn from a text book at school. Something that is very special.

-Improving Sleep quality.

-Whole foods nutritional plan.

-Restorative energy building exercise.

-Re-conditoning the body.

-Progression in routine and structure.

-Focused work on anxiety and stress management

-Mindset development

-Implementation of a holistic recovery plan.

All these things above are possible and WILL improve ones condition with M.E/CFS just like it did with Rick.

Courage for a 12 year old sums up this kid. It’s the hard times that shape us to become a stronger version of ourself. Super proud to be apart of his life and family. A great story of commitment and never giving up no matter how hard life gets.

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