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I recently received an email from a girl who was in an obvious state of panic. The frantic email was something I see most weeks. It was based on wondering if it is true or not that YOU CAN ACTUALLY RECOVER FROM M.E/CFS & Fibro. She went on to state that so many people told her she had to live with it forever, and that it never goes away. She felt hopeless and was literally questioning whether it really was possible for her to improve and recover. She asked all the normal questions, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?? HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU?? ARE YOU REALLY BETTER???

You might relate to this girls email, because at some stage in our life we question whether what we are going through (INSERT HARD SUFFERING HERE) is really possible to overcome or is it going to be like this FOREVER!?!?!

There is no short answer to this question. The only thing that really matters is YOU. You see, this girls email was so focused on what she didn’t want, it was starting to come true, she started to give up hope, she stopped believing. When we give up and stop believing, we become stuck in a very dark place, where you can stay there for years unless there is a shift in focus and consciousness.

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My email reply was this.

“Hi (Name),

I see you are coming from a state of panic and lost faith. The question I pose to you is this. Where is your focus at? You seem to be telling me it isn’t possible based on other peoples judgements and other negative information you have been looking at. Not only are you letting they’re attitude (thoughts) determine how you feel, you are starting to focus on all the BAD. When you focus on all the bad, nothing good will happen. This is just a universal law. What we think about comes true.

I Invite you to know that it is possible to feel good again, it is possible to recover, it is possible to IMPROVE. I would not be writing you this email if it wasn’t. That would not make sense if I wasn’t living proof to share so much of my personal story with you and the world. I can only say what is true to me. You see, most people who recover, dont spend time sitting around talking about their recovery. They go out an live life to the fullest and fulfil their long lost dreams. I was blessed to choose this journey to give back and inspire others who are going through what I went through, to help them on their journey to better health.

What I suggest you do is STOP your researching of negative things, STOP talking to people who do not believe in you or believe it is possible to improve. STOP your backwards thinking, you thinking that it isn’t possible wont help you to where you want to go. This doesn’t mean you wont have bad days or bad weeks, or even have a negative mindset, that is being human. However questioning your day to day life, everything single day, is not going to move you forwards.

I will not lie, recovery is hard, but not recovering is harder. There is no mistake why people overcome life threatening illnesses such as chronic illness, cancer and other disease. They have a will to live, a vision to step forwards not backwards, and mission to stay on this earth for one more day, day after day. They get up when most would tell them to stay down.

And as for how long will it take to improve or get better. That is like asking how long is a piece of string. I will share with you a passage from a book called “The monk who sold his ferrari.”

The less you focus on the end result, the quicker you will get there.

It’s the classic story of the young boy who travelled far from his home to study under a great teacher. When he met the wise old man, his first question was, “How long will it take me before I am as wise as you?”

The response came swiftly. “Five years.”

“This is a very long time,” the boy replied. “How about if I work twice as hard?

“Then it will take ten.” Said the master.

“TEN YEARS!!!.” That is far too long. How about if I studied all day and well into the night, every night?”

“Fifteen years.” Said the master.

“I don’t understand,” replied the boy. “Every time I promise to devote more energy to my goal, you tell me it will take longer. Why? ”

“The answer is simple. With one eye fixed on the destination, there is only one left to guide you along the journey.”
That message in itself is very powerful, I invite you to focus on only what you can focus on RIGHT NOW for the better. That is all we have. Without hope, faith and belief, we have nothing. Find that for yourself and do what you can do to help yourself improve and get better. As the master said. Focus on improvements along the journey, not the end destination.

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I hope this message finds you well, as it did with this girl. She is now refocused, doing the right things in her head and her body. She even enrolled in the online recovery program which is now in 21 countries which I am proud of. We have an amazing group of people (over 420 people now) who are on the same journey to improving their health, and a continuing journey of treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome.

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