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What doctors really need to know about M.E/CFS

As someone who works with both doctors and CFS patients, there is a big miscommunication between the understanding of what is actually happening to patients and what they are really going through and how they should go about recovery. Common mistakes and misunderstandings There is a gap, so to speak, that needs to be filled […]

From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Fitness fanatic.

Today I leg pressed 193 kg (not bad for someone who weighs about 58kg’s) And it got me thinking.. 91 weeks ago I had one of my biggest relapses with CFS. And 87 weeks ago I decided that would be my last, I was giving CFS recovery my absolute all. That’s the day my life […]

5 most common symptoms with M.E/CFS & Fibromyaglia.

One of the problems with M.E/CFS and FM is that there seems to be no common ground regarding which symptoms are normal with this illness. Everyday sufferers experience abnormal feelings in their body and brain and are left clueless with endless pain and suffering. This can make our condition worse by feeling alien and wondering […]

Recovery is possible!

    RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE – The photo you see here is of 3 fit healthy happy looking individuals. Back track 5-10 years ago. That wasn’t the case for these three people, In fact 5-10 years ago you wouldn’t recognise them. Why? These three individuals suffered a severe illness calledmyalgic encephalomyelitis, otherwise known as Chronic […]