Three reasons why you should keep a journal

You can never be too cool to write a journal, to be in touch with your emotions and to express how you really feel. Girls seem to be fine with writing journals and talking about how they feel. However apparently with males it is uncool to talk about emotions, or even have emotions full stop.
Why am I writing about something so simple?
When we are going through hard times or having a rough time, more often than not, us men and women will pretend everything is fine. We just “toughen up” and move on. We suppress our emotions which can lead to more illness, more stress and built up emotion. Instead of pretending to be tough, It is actually tougher if we go through our emotions and deal with them at hand – One of the ways we can all do this is by keeping a journal –


Here are three reasons why you should keep a journal!

1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
If you pretend everything is fine chances are it’s not fine and it will do more damage then good if you keep pretending your fine when your not. Sure you don’t have to tell the world how your feeling, but even simply keeping a journal to yourself and writing down your emotions and keeping check of your thoughts can be paramount to your health.  No one ever has to know you do it; it’s absolutely fine to make it something private that you do for yourself only. You being in check with your emotions can broaden you as a human being. This doesn’t mean you have to be a hippy or a spiritual guru (fine if you are).  It just means you are being more aware of how you think and feel. Which is OKAY and sometimes even good for you. Writing a journal won’t only help you; it will impact the way you communicate with others. Don’t underestimate how dealing with your own emotions will allow you to better understand and empathise with people around you!
2. Change your ways.
Another thing which journals can really help with is understanding why some situations make you feel or act in a certain way. When you write things down you will be able to understand the causes of your emotions and not just think about the emotions themselves. Once you understand this you will probably find you have much more control over how you behave and feel and change your ways to improve your current situation or circumstances.

3. Clarity.

I can see clearly now the rain has gone… You know that song? Well if you follow the lyrics it is true – Once you write down all your problems and emotions you can really see what has gone wrong and then make new pathways for better emotions and outcomes to come. This will create space in your head to move forwards!

Now I am not saying what you are going through is easy, I am sure it is far from easy and probably most days are struggle, but what I am saying is do your best to deal with what you can, You can make your life better by the choices you make, and the first thing to be able to do that is be conscious of your current situation and circumstances.
The days of pretending everything is fine when there not, is over. It’s okay to talk to a friend, write stuff down, see a counselor or even ask for help. So if you’re feeling down, sad, depressed, angry or even happy. Ask for help, talk to your friends or even write down how you feel so you can be conscious of your thoughts and feelings! It’s kind of cool and liberating!

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